Well finally, !!!! the 2012 season in Europe gets under way

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What do you do when you run out of standards?


Hello everyone,

Well finally, !!!! the 2012 season in Europe gets under way. Scratchy has been schooled by Bert-Jan in my absence. His back was up when I left and his understanding of a true half halt was progressing quite nicely. We’ll have to move him through the KNHS ranks, so easy shows early in February are the plan. Deutschland has also been ridden By Bert-Jan and was also getting his back up and hinter feet under! His rehab is going well. I hope he gets his stallion muscling back. It rocked my world at the base of bigger jumps! When he had his full Stallion Muscles, he jumped so hard he took the breath out of my lungs! It was so cool!

“D” and “S” will compete in Dressage AND Show Jumping! Same Shows, Same Horses and doing both! My hardest obstacle here is that no paperwork exists to do both, at most shows. They just don’t know how to classify us! Are we Show Jumpers or Dressurs? I’m sure I’ve read, Jumping is just Dressage with obstacles in the way…  ;’) A good problem to have, I’d say!

We’ll have some press releases about who we will be riding for, in about a month. If I’m dreaming, please don’t pinch me, the names on the list are amazing! Show Schedule is shaping up and a few large ones will be on the list. I’ve also been hired to show a few Dressage specific horses. That will help me stay sharp in my “Catch Riding” Skills. All in all, this is going to be a fun year! Stay tuned to this blog. Between day to day updates on Facebook and Blogging here, I’m sure I can keep everyone updated on our progress.

I hope everyone’s 2012 show season exceeds their dreams.. Only takes a bit of hard work, sweat, sometimes a bit of blood,  and a bit of Luck.

Good Luck Everyone! Chase your Dreams!

Thats all for now, AMAC